To my delight, I’m honored to be photographing the first restaurant (Smoky Park Supper Club) and home (40×28 Shipping Home) being built with old freight shipping containers, in Asheville, NC.

Keli Keach PortraitMy name is Keli Keach and I am a local photographer in beautiful Asheville, NC. One of the things I love about Asheville is how the community embraces the ideas of recycling, upcycling, re-using, and repurposing. I moved to Asheville from Seattle, WA where almost daily I would see the shipping port and the hundreds of shipping containers colorfully dotting the landscape. I’ve always been fascinated by shipping containers and the long, sometimes treacherous voyages they go on all around the world. They are built of steel and can handle a large amount of abuse. They’re average lifespan for use in shipping is around 20 years. So often there is an abundance of shipping containers sitting in a port no longer being used. So why not re-use them? Why not take something that has plenty more years of life and turn it into something great. Asheville seems like just the community to embrace this.

Containers have been used for storage for many many years, but only more recently in the last 4-8 years, have we seen them being repurposed into businesses and homes. As a lover of architecture and design I started seeing these containers being constructed into amazing new spaces in magazines and on blogs. I knew then I wanted to take part in photographing a container being recycled into something new and incredible. Lucky for me I get to.

I hope you enjoy looking through the galleries and being witness to members of our community doing projects that upcycle and reduce impact on our planet.

If you are starting a project using a shipping container, please contact me as I’d love to talk about documenting your journey through the life of images. I’m also available for additional photography needs.

For reproduction or use of these images, please contact me using the information on this page.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you feel inspired!



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